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Educational Institutions Program Information:

The core objective of this bespoke training course is to help people identify, then avoid, resolve, or defuse challenging situations in a confident and practical manner, with role-playing scenarios that can be adapted for scenarios and settings within schools, colleges and universities.

It’s not a self-defense course - it’s about self-awareness and providing participants with a toolkit of skills to maximize their personal safety in potentially dangerous scenarios which may unfold in a school or university setting.

Participants will be trained to choose strategies that will help prevent, inhibit, or defuse violence should it occur - strategies based on observation, situational awareness, and optimum use of space rather than on self-defense. They will also be trained to recognise aggressive body language and to identify what might trigger violence from them. 

Participants will be taught about risk assessment and spatial awareness, how to identify predators and aggressors and how to avoid them. Crucially, it teaches how to diffuse and de-escalate difficult situations through skills like active listening and body language.

Programs can be delivered remotely and in person and can be tailored to the specific needs and demands of the particular audience.


Tony Crockett

+353 85 751 4313

Tony Crockett holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Kemmy School
of Business, University College Limerick as well as a BSc in Policing Leadership
and Governance, Smurfit Business School UCD, and a BA in the Administration of
Justice from the Institute of Public Administration. He is a personal security
advisor with more than 20 years’ experience of dealing with violent incidents,
offenders, and victims of crime. He also holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Judo.
He consults widely with organisations and businesses on personal safety and staff
security issues. He regularly facilitates workshops on personal awareness and
physical interventions.

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