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Personal Safety &
Awareness Programs

'WHAT IF' is a personal safety and awareness program that educates, increases awareness, and prepares participants to deal with a variety of challenging everyday threats that may arise; enabling them to reduce personal risk, address challenges confidently and practically, and ultimately to remain safe and unharmed.
We focus on the early detection of a possible issue and the preparation of a solution ahead of time - this is a learned skill and a vital key to avoiding threats.

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Our Goal

  • To educate, enhance awareness and prepare participants and employees to safely manage
    difficult, and potentially threatening, everyday circumstances

  • To focus on early identification of potential problems, and to develop plans to resolve them

  • To equip participants and employees with the necessary skills to resolve challenging
    situations with confidence in a practical manner

Our Service

  • ‘WHAT IF’ programmes are delivered by an advisor
    with over 20 years’ experience in Criminal Justice
    who will equip participants and employees with the
    knowledge and tools to best avoid threats across a
    range of potentially dangerous situations.


Tony Crockett

+353 85 751 4313

Tony Crockett holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Kemmy School
of Business, University College Limerick as well as a BSc in Policing Leadership
and Governance, Smurfit Business School UCD, and a BA in the Administration of
Justice from the Institute of Public Administration. He is a personal security
advisor with more than 20 years’ experience of dealing with violent incidents,
offenders, and victims of crime. He also holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Judo.
He consults widely with organisations and businesses on personal safety and staff
security issues. He regularly facilitates workshops on personal awareness and
physical interventions.

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